Tip-O-Tex Seafood

Greetings from Tip-O-Tex Seafood

Tip-O-Tex Seafood is a company with a new name but we have been in the business for over forty years.  The brand label of “Kaptain Kidd” has provided the freshest premium Texas Gulf, wild-caught, brown shrimp for these forty plus years.  If you have shopped the grocery stores in the North Texas area, you have seen Kaptain Kidd shrimp in the store’s display case.  And, if you have shopped in select seafood markets on the East Coast, you have seen the Kaptain Kidd, Texas Gulf brown shrimp.

In comparative shrimp tasting tests there is none better than the Texas Brown Shrimp.  Tip-O-Tex offers wild Kaptain Kidd Brandcaught, domestic browns at the most competitive price, yet more important, our quality is consistently superior.  We have inspectors on site when the shrimp are processed straight from the boat.  The inspectors are checking for proper grading, hygienic processing, good packaging and over all consistent quality.  We are so proud of our premium shrimp, that we guarantee the superior quality of Kaptain Kidd Shrimp.

Tip-O-Tex Seafood can provide fresh shrimp to fish markets and distributors with any amount you need.    Meat purveyors that Shrimp Fleetwant to offer a combination of “Surf and Turf,” will be well pleased with our premium quality shrimp.  We are a company open to developing a personal business relationship with our customers in order to meet their inventory requirements and expectations.

For a quote please give us a call at (956) 425-9909 or email mark@tipotexseafood.com, bonnie@tipotexseafood.com or robert@tipotexseafood.com. with any questions about our  “Kaptain Kidd” , Texas Gulf Brown Shrimp.  We’ll be ready with a competitive quote to make you a customer of Tip-O-Tex Seafood.

Shrimp Fleet

Shrimp boat with its fresh catch.